After 50 Posts... Most Read, Least Read, and Random Reflections

Time Spent on book: 4 hours
What I did: Sunday baseball--which was a much more heated issue than you think
Grade for the day: B

Reductio ad Hitlerum. Without it, politics would be... reasonable.

Wednesday was my 50th post to this blog. So what the heck, let's look back at the most and least read posts. And some random reflections...

Most Read Posts

1. Being a Woman in the Public Square in 2016 Sucks And Stuff Like This Doesn't Help

I almost didn't write this one. I consulted with a few friends beforehand. We went over the pros and cons. My main concern was that my intentions would be misread. But the feedback was positive, even if the content was revolting. 

I actually deleted this post. Then I re-wrote it. I didn't think that it was all that profound, or that anyone would care. I also worried that it made me look obtuse--like, "wait, you're just now figuring out that 20-minute conversations go a long way?" Sigh... I suppose it was just the voices in my head saying this. Irrespective, it's interesting that my top two posts almost didn't go up. Sometimes it's the stuff that we don't want to write that ends up catching on.

This confirms that most of my readers are academics. Let's honk our Subarus in unison whilst we adjust our monocles.  

Least Read Posts 

I guess that pimping my book doesn't draw the clicks. Oh well. Leon Schwarz will always have a soft spot in my heart. I found his scrapbooks by accident while in Mobile and spent a week going through them. His story helped me add an entirely different angle to my "award winning" book.

Come on! Channel your inner-middle schooler! It's funny at so many levels.

I still like the idea of a "character chart" for college football coaches. Maybe that will be a post for the future.

Random Reflections
(Is anyone still reading?)

1. Accountability. I started this blog as an "exercise in accountability." For the most part, I can say that I am pleased but not satisfied with my progress on the book. I have worked on the book every day that I could. And there have been many days where I have done little to nothing, then rally in the afternoon because I know that a blog post will reveal my sins. 

2. Time Spent Blogging. Back in April I told myself that I wouldn't spend more than 30 minutes a day blogging. Sometimes I have kept to that limit. Most times, not so much. I proofread for typos now too. Oh well. For the immediate future, I plan to continue blogging. It forces me to write  something and put it out for public consumption. So much of my "writing" is locked away, seen only by me and some 29-year-old NSA guy (Hi NSA Guy!). It's good to reach out every now and again.

3. Book Updates? What Book Updates?So yea... I thought that I would do regular book updates. That hasn't happened as much. Instead, this blog has become my sandlot. Running, news, podcasts, teaching. I just kinda blog out whatever is on my mind. It's liberating. And it's fun. I think I'll keep doing it.