Get Off My (Snow-Covered) Lawn!

My irrational weather-related anger is getting worse.

I was pretty ranty back on the first day of spring, when snow covered the ground as well as my hopes for sunshine and happiness.

I cheered (emphatically) when learning that the Monroe County Sheriff's Office filed an arrest warrant for a certain weather-predicting rodent.

Alas, the snow has kept falling into the early days of April.

So it's time to take this up a notch.

Saturday mornings are my standard time for long runs. But this Saturday morning, I awoke to a fresh coat of snow on the ground and twenty degree temperatures.

If this was January, I would actually be excited. You read that right--excited. In my decades of running, some of my favorite memories are of long runs in the winter. My ideal winter run is one where the white snow glistens from the sunlight, while the darkened roads are clear and open for business. The cold crisp air is refreshing, life-affirming.

I really love these sorts of runs. In January.

In April, I want to be running in shorts and a tee-shirt--I'll accept long sleeves. Gloves, but light ones.

So instead of gearing up for the cold temperatures, I stepped on to the treadmill and did four loathsome miles. Protest miles.

Actually, my protest (snowtest?) wasn't complete. I still had to go to campus on Saturday. But when I got out of my car, I looked at my winter jacket and said "not today."

Happy trails friends.


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