On the Radio
  • "Religion and Sports," Live from AC2nd


  • “‘Heroes of the Black World’: Race, Boxing, and Civil Religion(s) in Early America,” Eastern International Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Syracuse, NY (13-15 April 2018)
  • “Civil Religions in America,” Society for Values in Higher Education Annual Meeting, Boston, MA (12-16 July 2017)
  • “‘Let Us Pray for God’s Blessing on Our Game’: Evangelicals and Sports from Muscular Christianity to Tim Tebow,” Land Center Lecture, Southwest Baptist Seminary, Houston, TX (27 September 2016)
  • “Is Civility Possible in the Climate Change ‘Debate’? An Interfaith and Interdisciplinary Panel on Pope Francis and Laudato Si’,” (Organizer and presider), Society for Values in Higher Education, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH (13-17 July 2016)
  • “‘The Pure of Body are Pure of Soul’: Religion and the Making of the South's Sports Culture, 1865-1926,” Porter Fortune History Symposium on Southern Religion, University of Mississippi (26-28 February 2015) 
  • “From Prizefights to Praying Colonels: Civil Religion, Sports, and a New Direction for the Lost Cause,” Southern Intellectual History Circle, Edgefield, South Carolina (19-21 February 2015)
  • “Violence in Religion and Sport,” (Respondent) Religion, Sport, and Play group, American Academy of Religion, San Diego, CA (21-24 November 2014)
  • “Interfaith and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Pope Francis and Evangelii Gaudium,” (Organizer and presider), Society for Values in Higher Education, University of St. Thomas University, St. Paul, MN (16-20 July, 2014)
  • “‘Baton Rouge is Football Crazy’: Religion and the Origins of College Football Mania in the South, 1892-1926,” Invited Lecture, Louisiana State University (10 February 2014)
  • “‘Jack Johnson, We Have Waited So Long For You’: Religion, Race, and Boxing in the New South,” Sam Hill Lecture in Southern Religion at the University of North Carolina-Asheville (18 April 2013)
  • Panel review of Charles Reagan Wilson’s Flashes of a Southern Spirit: Meanings of the Spirit in the U.S. South, Southeastern Regional of the American Academy of Religion, Greenville, SC (15-17 March 2013)
  • “Francis of Assisi, beyond the Birdbath: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Teaching Compassion,” Society for Values in Higher Education, Drew University, Madison, NJ (3-7 August 2012)
  • “The ‘Race Problem’ as a ‘Place Problem’: Catholics, Race, and Place in the New South,” American Academy of Religion, San Francisco, CA (19-22 November 2011)
  • “Life after Graduate School,” invited talk, Florida State University Graduate Symposium, Tallahassee, FL (18-20 February 2011)
  • “Understanding Illness through Stories and Service-Learning,” Southern Alleghenies Learn and Serve Alliance Workshop, Juniata College, Huntington, PA (1 May 2010)
  • “Homemaking at the Headwaters: Henry Rowe Schoolcraft’s Civil Religious Expedition to the Source of the Mississippi,” American Society of Environmental History, Portland, OR (11-13 March 2010)
  • “Coming and Going to the Source: Producing Sacred Space at the Headwaters of the Mississippi River,” American Society of Church History, New York, NY (2-5 January 2009)
  • “‘True’ and ‘Un-True’ Americans: Anti-Catholicism, Civil Religion(s), and the Murder of Father James Coyle,” Mid-Atlantic American Academy of Religion Meeting, Baltimore, MD (1-2 March 2007)
  • “Images of Jesus in Contemporary America,” invited lecture, Saint Francis University Philosophical Society, Loretto, PA (21 March 2005) 
  • “‘A Place to Commune with God’: Running as Religion in Contemporary America,” Saint Olaf Conference on Sport and Religion, Northfield, MN (24-26 June 2004)
  • “Conflict Competence: Art and the Continual Creation of America’s Civil Religion,” Florida State University Graduate Symposium, Tallahassee, FL (19-20 March 2004)
  • “Holy War on the Football Field: Religion and the Native American Mascot Issue at Florida State University,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, New Orleans, LA (17 April 2003)  
  • “Ritual Running: An Ethnographic Exploration of Competitive Running and Religious Identity,” The Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Conference, Pittsburgh, PA (2 November 2002)