I Just Found Out About #Brexit2 and Now I'm an Iceland Fan

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I don't follow soccer. At all. And I still won't after today. But I think I'm a fan of Team Iceland now.

USA Today explains: 
The entire population of Iceland is less than England’s ninth biggest city, but that didn’t stop the Scandinavian underdog from pulling off one of international soccer history’s greatest upsets on Monday. 
In doing so it ensured that in the same week England — well, the United Kingdom — voted to exit the European Union, so too would its soccer team leave the European Championship. 
There will be similar levels of acrimony and controversy surrounding this departure but that is for another time. For Monday night in France belonged to Iceland, a team that has never qualified for a major international soccer tournament and now is having the collective time of its life. 
“You don’t feel like this on a lot of occasions, especially with a team like Iceland,” coach Lars Lagerback said after his team’s 2-1 victory in the round of 16 at the Allianz Riviera in Nice. “There is huge happiness.”
Twitter is having all kinds of fun with #Brexit2. And for good reason. Politics notwithstanding, this is no ordinary upset. As one article I found summarized:
For context, the teams in the first half of the draw (including Wales, Poland, Portugal and either Hungary or Belgium) boast not a single World Cup or Euro trophy between them; while the teams in Iceland’s half have won, collectively, 20. 
This means Iceland’s journey to inevitable victory has evolved from David vs. Goliath into David vs. All The Goliaths. The path to the final could include playing footballing giants like Germany, Italy or Spain in the semis, after a quarter final against the tournament hosts, France.
So with all of this, I suppose it's understandable why an Icelandic announcer decided that it was time to let some stuff fly...

Here's a translation...
This is done! This is done! We are going to Paris! Did you see that! Did you see that! Never wake me from this amazing dream.... 
Boo as you like England! Iceland is going to Stade de France on Sunday. France Iceland! You can go home. You can go out of Europe. You can go wherever the hell you want. England 1 Iceland 2 is the closing score here in Nice. And the fairytale continues.
OK, so the next time Iceland comes up in a conversation, I'll be able to say something more than just "Hey, have you heard Björk's new album? Where does she come up with this stuff?"