Compassionate Caregiving: A Syllabus With a Distinct "Get Off My Lawn" Vibe

The sabbatical is over [wipes away the tears]. So the past few days has been syllabus time. A while back, I asked for some help with a syllabus for my "Compassionate Caregiving" course. In response, I received a heap of great suggestions for books and films. I could not include them all. But the feedback absolutely helped me to find what I hope is a nice collection of material.

I always hesitate when I share a syllabus broadly like this. I imagine scholars near and far doing their scholarly judging thing. "Where's the poststructuralism???? More Foucault! More Foucault I tell you!"

At least this is the picture that I have in my mind.

No course is perfect, and this is no exception. But I see it serving the very significant purpose of exposing future health care professionals to the profound and sacred realities of their work. But we all deal with illness, so it's not just for them.

Here, then, is my syllabus. Judge away! And if you have any (non-Foucault-related) suggestions, please share. This is a "draft." I will no doubt tinker more between now and January.

Oh, and you will probably detect a distinct "get off my lawn" vibe. Every semester exposes new loopholes in my policies that I never anticipated. Over the years, my tone has gotten more and more grumpy-old-manish. It's an evolution that makes me worry about my syllabi 20 years from how.

Oh who am I kidding... we'll all be replaced by robots  by then.



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