A New Look, Kinda

I agree with Grandpa Simpson on this one.

That's why it took way more willpower than I anticipated to change the design of this blog. Pretty much from the minute I started writing here, I knew that the design would need to change. Very Blogspotty. Very 2010.

Fortunately, Blogger makes it easy. Find a design, select it, adjust here and there and...

I think that this is a slightly better look than what I had before. I would ask for feedback and commentary, but without being connected to social media, I know that I'm writing to myself. That's actually kinda liberating, because I don't worry much about making posts like this--that are about nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Despite the "upgrade," I do wish that I had the talent and ingenuity to do a little more with this digital space--something to make it unique.

Check out Christopher McDougall's website. He's the guy who wrote Born To Run--yes, the very book that convinced me to start running in Vibrams... which I still wear... despite the lawsuit... and the snow.


In addition to having his own domain (I aspire to such things), he has an awesome banner that is a GIF-image of himself running. I'm guessing that it was shot with a drone, because it follows his path and zooms out.

I'm not sure that I'm a banner-that-is-a-GIF-of-myself-running kind of guy. But I could become one. If I had a drone. That's the only thing standing between me and a cool GIFy banner. 

Or I could create a banner with classic images of people doing Jesty and Earnesty things. I could start with... well... let me think for a minute.

But once I identified some images, then I could... well... hold on a minute....

All of this is to say that one design update is plenty of change for a while.