Help Me Pick a Race Shirt!

Time spent on book: 1 hour so far, but for some reason I felt like blogging
What I did: Revising chapter 1
Grade for the day: Pending

The blogging fell off this week. But I have a good excuse.

I was asked to write for another blog, a task that I thought would consume an afternoon. But I got ambitious. So instead of blogging here, I devoted my attention to finishing that.

The post should be available next week. I will share it then. It will change your life.

Meanwhile, I did manage to learn something about myself from this. When I blog here, I can usually hit publish with limited difficulty. I don't always feel the necessity to tell a coherent story. And proofreading is optional. If the outlet is elsewhere, though, all of my neurotic impulses bubble to the surface.

The lesson, I suppose, is to never, ever write anywhere but here.


As I mentioned before, this weekend is the Erie Marathon. It's a two loop course around Presque Isle State Park. So it's pancake flat. And the weather looks about as good as you could hope for in early September.

My only problem is deciding on a race shirt. Here are my two options:

 Yea, so... Satire or sincere? Or should I say, jest or earnest? Get it?

My bet is with satire. After all, the website where these are being sold lists them under "Funny Apparel." But this election cycle, all of the lines are blurry--which leads me to conclude that we are living out Idiocracy. (Seems I'm not the first person to have this thought.)

OK, so hopefully I'll have a race report early next week. Until then...

Happy trails, friends!