It's End-of-Year Report Time...

In my first writing of this post's title, I went with an exclamation point at the end. But upon further reflection, I'm going with the ellipses.


Because, according to one website I found, this form of punctuation can "indicate hesitation."  Hesitation. Which is kinda like procrastinating. Which is kinda what I'm doing right now.

Because the end-of-year report is really easy to finish. Pull up those meeting minutes, a few copy-and-pastes, grab some numbers.  

Coffee time! 

OK, back to those meeting minutes.

Hold on. I wonder what Facebook is up to? Cats and dogs acting like people. Man that never stops being funny.

Wait, what??? Tiger Woods is playing golf again!??!?!?! Well, I need to catch up on this Very Important Story. That could go into the book. Research!

Now back to that report.

But first... any emails from students? It's finals week--crazy time. Gotta respond promptly. Gen Z expects that. 

Do you know who else is prompt? All of my Twitter friends. I wonder what they're up to.

Wait, what????  Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals is suspended for three games!?!?! Well that changes everything for the Penguins moving forward. 

The report. I've budgeted two hours to finish this report.

That gives me plenty of time to dust off my Linkedin account. I mean, I wrote two book reviews last year. That really needs to be on my dashboard.

Wait, what??? I still have a Pinterest account!?!?!? Huh... Now there's a really interesting vegan black bean burger recipe. And a listicle of 40 epic photobombs! Oh wait, it's from 2013. I remember when 2013 wasn't so long ago.  

Enough already! It's time to get down to business.

Right after I finish this blog post... [see what I did right there?]