Guest Post on Puppy Mills

The following is a post from my 10-year-old daughter, Ruth. She is very passionate about this topic and she wanted me to share this with as many people as possible.


A puppy mill makes female dogs have litter after litter of puppies to sell. The workers don't care about their health or treatment, they only care about the money. The puppies are separated from their mothers, then piled in cages.

You may know about puppy mills and you may not. Either way, they are awful places. Some puppies are driven in a truck, like apples or corn. Fortunately, puppy mills are regulated in Pennsylvania. Sooo... we're all good -right? Well, that's not the case. Puppy Mills may be regulated in some states, but in the chart below, it shows that twenty other states don't have any laws against them!

South Carolina
New Mexico
South Dakota
North Dakota
Dogs and puppies still suffer today in puppy mills. They won't ever stop suffering if we don't do anything about it. When puppies are too sick to sell, they shoot, drown, beat, starve, or bury them alive. Even if it's regulated here in PA, it is definitely NOT COOL. There are ways we can help though! 
  1. Don't ever shop at a store selling dogs or cats. Some stores may have a sign saying something like "puppies not from puppy mills" but people have proven that that's not true. 
  2.  Make a donation, sign a petition, educate your town, neighbors or even just your friends.
  3.  Don't let puppy mills slip from your mind. This is a serious problem. {just don't lose sleep about it}
Do you love your dog, cat, or any animal you might have? Then help his or her kin, trapped in puppy mills.

By Ruth Isla Remillard and Sidney Remillard


  1. Important issue! Thanks, Ruth, for bringing my attention to this sad and terrible way some people abuse dogs for profits. I appreciate knowing. And I will take your recommendations.

  2. I've worked mostly with shelters and rescues in the past, including as a member of a nonprofit rescue's board of directors. I've fostered several dogs, and I'm aware that shelter dogs may have a reputation for having behavioral issues. However, the animals I was seeing at the clinic weren't rescued pets or canines from shelters. In fact, it appeared that some of our sickest and most erratic cases were purebred dogs whose owners had invested a significant amount of money in their purchase. As I studied more and more about puppy mills, the desire to contribute my expertise and drive to a national organization with the authority to combat this pernicious industry grew stronger.

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