Talking Religion and Sports on the Radio

The God Show

Ep. 5 Religion in Sports with Professor Arthur Remillard.

It is WAY easier to interview than to be interviewed.

It's also easier to hear yourself as the interviewer.

All that being said, my conversation with veteran broadcaster Pat McMahon was positively delightful. Before we started recording, we had the chance to talk. I was nothing short of impressed by how prepared he was. He knew exactly where Saint Francis University is, and he even knew one of our most noted basketball players--Maurice Stokes.

He had also taken the time to read my blog, which only slightly horrified me. After referencing my review of Jesus Christ Superstar , he indicated that he had sent it along to his "personal friend" Alice Cooper.


No mean tweets from the the Godfather of Shock Rock yet.


I cringed a few times listening to myself, wanting to go back and revise some of my answers. I also picked up on my own series of verbal ticks. "Well that's a great question."

So listener beware...